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Digital Telecommunication and Network

Data Link Layer

Data link layer, which is the second layer of seven OSI layers, takes the raw transmission and converts it into a line that is free of transmission errors in the network layer. Data link performs this task by carrying the sender break the input data up into the data frames and transmits the frames in sequence (Dean, 2009, p.64). Thus, it is able to process the acknowledgement frames sent back by the receiver. The protocol wraps up the data into frames, which possess source as well as target addresses. These frames are the physical hardware address of each network card connected with the network cable. Few of the examples of LAN data link protocols include Ethernet, Token Ring and ARCnet. When communication goes beyond the LAN to the internet, the network utilizes other data link protocols including PPP, which stands for Point-to-Point Protocol (Cassel & Austing, 2000, p.414). The data link layer transmits the blocks of data along with the important synchronization, bit error detection and error control, and flow control. Since the physical layer only recognizes and sends the stream of bits without considering the concept of the structure, therefore, it depends on data link layer to generate and accept the frame boundaries (Spohn, 2003, p.256). Encryption is used to secure the message because it flows between each network node and each network node can decrypt the message for the transmission to the next node. 

Protocols Used in Data Link Layer

The protocols that might be used in this layer include Ethernet, Token Ring, ARCnet, Point-to-Point Protocol and Serial Line Internet Protocol.

Ethernet Protocol:The Ethernet protocol is composed of different components, including the structure of Ethernet frames, the Physical Layer and its MAC operation (Dean, 2009).

Token Ring:Token Ring is a LAN protocol in which all stations are linked in a ring and each station directly hears the transmissions from its direct neighbor. The permission to send is given by a token that flows around the ring (Dean, 2009).

ARCnet:ARCnet is a LAN protocol that uses a bus topology along with a token-passing scheme, which arbitrates approach to the bus (Cassel& Austing, 2000). 

Line Outages as Sources of Errors in Data Link Layer

Line outage is one of the sources of errors in the data link layer and taken into account as important error occurring in the data link layer. In this error, circuit mainly fails due to storm, accidents and faulty equipment, which further lead to line outages error in the data link layer (Ferreira et al., 2011). This error is usually prevented by using safe equipment to keep it from any accident by the faulty equipment (Carcelle, 2009). Buy  assignment help UK by experts

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