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Engineering Construction - Site Inspection Report


The project Ipswich Motorway located Dinmore and Goodna is being upgraded eight kilometers and is to deliver by Origin Alliance Construction Company. Pay to professional writing company for hiring  assignment writer online. The location of the construction of the Ipswich Motorway is between Dinmore to Goodna. The project that has started in the mid of 2009 is expected to be finished by the end of 2012.  

The main purpose of the project is to develop a motorway for providing reliable travel flow with essential capacity and traffic flow by decreasing the future congestion on the road. Thus, new and upgraded services road of the motorway for pedestrians will be safer and easier crossing with great safety and off ramps. 


Total funding approved by the Government of Australia to the Department of Transport and Main Roads for this project is $1.95 billion. Students buy  essay writing serviceonline to save time and effort. The supplier of the project is Origin Alliance that consists of the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Abigroup, Seymour Whyte, Fulton Hogan, SMEC and Parsons Brinckerhoff (Accessed online official website:“tmr.qld.gov.au”

2.0 Objectives

The under construction project of Ipswich Motorway located Dinmore and Goodna is the most significant project of the South East Queensland as it is the fastest growing urban region in Australia and Ipswich is the center of the increasing population. Considering the above essentials, the project has been designed for the following objectives:

  • To develop such transport infrastructure that connects the urban areas with the capacity of other expanding areas. 
  • To operate the Ipswich Motorway to decrease the high incidence of traffic crashes.
  • To improve the safety through increasing the transport capacity and road design.
  • To upgrade the free-flow access for inter-regional freight movements to the Brisbane Markets, the Port of Brisbane and the export industries center being developed at the mouth of the Brisbane River (Accessed online government website:“nationbuildingprogram.gov.au”)

3.0 Discussion

3.1 Site Location

The Ipswich Motorway Project is the primary main road from the west of the Brisbane west. Online  coursework help is available for university and college studdents. It is a connecting the Logan Motorway at Gailes and the Centenary highway at Darra. The site can be easily visited within 45 minutes from the city of Brisbane, constructed 44km far from the west of Brisbane.


3.2  Project Description

  • Origin Alliance has been delivered a project by the Department of Transport and Main Roads in order to upgrade a 8km of the Ipswish Motorway connecting Dinmore and Goodna. 

  • The total cost of the project is $ 1.9 billion, from which $700 Millions was provided by the Australian Government from the Nation Building Program for completion of Stage 1 and $124 million as an additional commitment by the Government for the completion of stage 2 of the project from the Building Australia fund. 

  • The costly Motorway project comprises of:

    • 1,400,000 Cubic meters of bulk earthworks was required for replacement.

    • 14km of portable concrete barriers would be in place

    • 420,000 tonnes of asphalt would be placed.

    • 14km of portable concrete barriers are in place.

    • 522 piles are required to be driven while 260 piles have already in place, for the overall span of 12 km.

    • 14,000 kilometers noise walls to be developed.

    • Seventeen bridges to be constructed with fifty-six replanting walls.

  • The Ipswich Motorway is an up gradation of connection between the Wacol and Darra in the overall widening process. Assignment Writer UK is expert to provide  term paper writing service. Moreover, the step is the procedure to construct the easily flowing multilevel junction in the order to replace the existing round about to control the congestion of the traffic flow thereby increasing the efficiency of the roads in Queensland.

  • The up to date construction of the motorway from the Wacol to Darra is going forward with the very incredible rate of growth since the project was first started in March 2008.

  • In addition, the project is the process of widening the whole motorway into six equal lanes in the direction in order to construct a new traffic routes for the local traffic. This up gradation would also be helpful in making an enhancement of the availability of the public transport for the pedestrians and cyclists.

3.3       Design

The upgrading project of Ipswich Motorway between Dinmore and Goodna has been planned by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and assigned to Origin Alliance to deliver this project. Since construction of such projects involves great concerns of the public and to install such project needs to adopt safety measures. According to Weekly updated report received from construction team for Saturday 22 January– Friday 28 January 2011, due to flood, project work of is standstill and construction team is engaged in cleaning the flood water due to which diversion and construction was stopped.

In addition, other heavy traffic is diverted toward Centenary Highway while approaching the properties with this diversion is determined with mutual consent of residents as they are asked to be patient and careful about their property.  Get  help with thesis from professional academic writers. Moreover, the work stopped due to flood would be resumed after it is sure that construction is safe and practical without any recovery efforts. Other planned works such as traffic diversions and the closure of the Tessman Street exit and associated service road works have been put off.


At present, an overhead gantry on the Ipswich Motorway at Redbank is to be installed for which traffic changes is to be placed between Gailes and Redbank for Ipswich bound motorists. Moreover, the traffic on the Ipswich Motorway and the Logan Motorway has been temporary diverted along Brisbane Road between Gailes and Goodna, on to Smiths Road and back onto the motorway at Mine Street, Redbank. The time defined for these diversions for the traffic are as follows:

From 11.30 P.M Monday 7 March till 4.30 A.M Tuesday 8 March 2011

From 11.30 P.M Tuesday 8 March to 4.30 A.M Wednesday 9 March 2011

3.4       Site Geology

It was observed that the project is constructed on the ground made of brick pits, sand and gravel quarries. It was also found that the site comprised of the numbers of sedimentary rocks that were scattered in the vast area of the site. Moreover, these materials of rocks included the conglomerate, sandstones and coal of a various types of formation. Further, it was also observed that there was the presence of the inhabitant’s plant all around the site. It was also viewed that the contractor has used the pre-treatment techniques of caustic soda and the wide usage of flocculants for the removal of the heavy metals from the site, and such type of treatment is not considered as the favorable in the process of removing osmosis from the water feed.

General earthwork was cut to fill in zone and widen the project. Therefore, materials used for filling were divided into different classes from class A to class E. Other subgrade construction and treatment were also composed of different treatment type and replacement materials. Moreover, stabilization methods are used for creating stable and dense surface that showed no vertical movement under the pavement construction equipment. Other structure work observed was excavation, soil nails, capping beam casting, precast panel installment and painting. 


To construct the pavement, CTB and Asphalt materials were used. Other description of the materials used is as follows:

  • 480 000 tones asphalt required (9x weight of Sydney Harbor Bridge)
  • 10 000 tones reinforcement required (Eiffel Tower weighs 9 000 tones)

  3.6       Construction Equipment and Methods

The construction equipment and methods observed using are as follows:

  • Crusher– crushing rock
  • Dump truck– travelling past loaded
  •  Excavator– excavating rock earth, loading crusher
  • Grader– trimming
  •  Dozer– travelling past
  •  Compactor– compacting fill

3.7 Points of Interest

Throughout the inspection, the interesting point observed was cleaning up process of flood water. As observed, due to flood water around the motorway, all work had come to standstill because construction team had been busy in cleaning up operations in the local area. However, flood water cleaning process was not only reason for pending construction work; it had also been a tiring work for team members to remove water from the construction site to continue the construction process. This moment was challenging and turned out to be interesting when different community groups, Australian Army, and Ipswich City Council parted together to remove the rubbish, clearing debris, and repairing roads. It was very interesting to see numbers of community people to help the construction team, and Ipswich City Council in such crisis. 

Above image shows the cleaning activity of flood water under the bridge. Ask Assignment Writer UK to  write my dissertation. Since cleaning up tasks for flood water is extremely tiring and time consuming, different machine such as flood water pump out machine extracts and speed stackable air mover were used.

4.0  Problems Encountered

The main problem encountered during the visit of the site was the projected noise level at the different locations of the sites. As that section of site are highly congested and high volumes of big flow of traffic passed by using that route. Another problem that was encountered was of the environmental facto that there might be the possibility of the soil contamination in the location of the site.

Moreover, it was also observed that the mineshafts on the site are filled with contaminated water and there is an urgent need to make an extraction of such contamination water. Furthermore, it was also observed that the three mines that can eventually have an effect on the operational situation of the motorway project. Some of these mines are filled with methane gas and some of which are filled with water only.


Another problem encountered during the site visit was of the obstructions that were caused by the flood that came in Australia on the mid of February 2011. Moreover, the Original Alliances faced very difficulties because of the unexpected flood damages that were caused to the southern sides of the Goodna. For this purpose company faced difficulty in travelling to the routes that were used for purchasing of the construction material for the site. In addition, the constructor is working very hard in order to ensure that the overall operations would be commenced as soon as possible as the Train Station Pedestrian is out of service for the time being.

5.0  Construction during Management Time

The construction pattern adopted by the Origin Alliance Construction Company consists of using different material based methods. Such as, tones of artificial plasticized formed was from concrete and fly-ash under the Ipswich Motorway near Redbank Plaza so that it could be stabilized old mines underneath the $3 billion road project. There was already 7000 cubic meters pumped beneath the motorway, with more to be included over the coming up twelve months. In addition, for filling the mines, a wall curtain is built in the old mines between Goodna and Dinmore and with the help of a mix of fly-ash with different components. It was plasticized and persistent, and was to be canceled under the Ipswich Motorway for making safe for vehicles and driver. Moreover, other waste components were also used from burning coals taken from Swanbank Power Station that mixed the cement and crusher dust and covered into the mines.

However, the fly-ash could be hard for mine tunnels as they are underground from Collingwood Park to Redbank and Goodna, the filling process of abandoned coals mines were used for road projects. The filling of waste coal mines for the construction of roads is not easy tasks but it was carried out by the construction company the Origin Alliance for this project as challenging task. To execute these constructions work, overseas outsourcing was carried out on the advice of the experts. Moreover, the construction of the project the Ipswich Motorway upgrade, which had budget of $3.05 billion, was later expanded to $1.95 billion


6.0  Safety

Environmental safety and site safety are considered as main issues in the overall project of construction therefore the company contractor should focus on the adoption of the safety measures that would be in turn responsible for the safety of the overall project. In order to carry on the operations on a construction project the safety of the life becomes a challenge. There has been a plan for the safety of the workers employed at the site in order to make less injuries and harms to their lives as the site is constructed in the area of heavy flow of traffic, combination of railway tracks, appearance of several power lines and coal and gas mines situate near the sites. Furthermore, it was observed that all site activities are observed by the Workplace Health and Safety Management Plan, who carries out its operations in order to fulfill its responsibilities towards the identification of the hazardous incidents and the potential risk associated with these incidents.

7.0 Recycling

The overall purpose of the project is to make an implementation of the attractive waste control systems in the project that would be used to minimize the strategies of the management regarding waste and the process of its recycling. The focus is made on the reduction of the implications of the waste materials through the process of the recycling and afterwards making the reuse of those materials in the further construction of the project.

The efficient use of the strategies will in turn result in the reduction of the stock piling of the waste and disposal of the excess construction material. This step would in turn result in the low purchases of the construction material for the future work. It was aimed by the management to minimize the overall cost of the project by reusing and recycling the waste materials on the site only.

8.0 Conclusion

Thus concluded on the note that the overall site visit was found much beneficial for the purpose of making an understanding as to the Ipswich Motorway Project. The objective of this visit was to make an investigation of the overall issues in the construction project. Moreover, this could be used in order to help to take steps in order to reduce the increase flow of traffic on the construction site and minimize the effects of the problems faced during the construction of the project.


Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!

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