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Writing Service in Harvard Style

The Harvard citation style is one of the leading referencing styles of reference citation extensively used in academic writing. Students generally face issues in understanding the citation guidance to use in their papers. Our team of writers provides assistance to you in this regard as they are aware of the author date system that is available for research and citation purposes.


In-text Citation: An Important Element

The sources of information consulted for the academic writing is crucial for authenticity of the citation. It is highly recommended to paraphrase the ideas, quotations, wordings, opinions, and theories of others using Harvard Referencing Style Guide.

  • If you use author(s) name in paper do mention the year of publication along in the parenthesis in the end of the sentence.
  • The summarization of the concept or idea in paraphrasing format requires you to cite author surname, year, and page number (optional). The Harvard style does not encompasses page numbers as compulsory reference, only if you are using direct quotation, paragraphs, or section specifically.
  • If fewer than 30 words are used, a single question mark is used within the text, the year of publication, page numbers in parenthesis
  • If the quotation used in the text is more than 30 words it should exhibit in a double-spaced, indented (1.3 cm) without quotation marks. It should be paraphrased properly.
  • In case, you use more than one source for a proclamation in your paper, we advise that the citation can be placed in semi-colons between works in alphabetical order by surname.


Reference List: Another Important Element

The reference list is the details of the sources used in creating the research paper or document. A separate page is allocated for this purpose. We are aware of the fact that each item in this list is cited in text as well and in alphabetical order by surnames.

All sources except personal information, communications, newspaper articles, or encyclopedia information where the name of author is not mentioned or accessible, therefore it is placed in text only. The writers often cite the articles that are not used as reference but are supporting the literature and the concept.

  • In Harvard style, the citation list is classified as Bibliography, listed in an alphabetical order
  • Italics are the chosen format for titles of books, journals, and videos in this reference style. The article, documents, and chapter titles are placed in single quotation marks not in italics
  • Capitalization is very precise form that is kept to a minimum. The subsequent universal rules apply
  • Book titles – it capitalizes the initial letter of the first word of the title, but not the first letter of the first one after a colon.
  • Journal and newspaper titles – should capitalize initial letter of every word except‘and’,‘of’.
  • Article, chapter, or section titles – enfold the title in particular quotation marks and capitalize only the primary letter of the very first word

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