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Writing Services in MLA Format

Generic Format

MLA is an English formatting style for documents, and manuscripts. Our writers use a specific method of in text citations using parenthetic style in essays and other write-ups, whereas the bibliography page is classified as Work cited pages.

The MLA style bounds the writers to produce quality paper that shows their efficiency and credibility. It is also helpful in protecting our writers from the blame of plagiarism, either intentional, or unintentional.

We highly recommend you to use the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition), and MLA citation style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing (3rd edition). The research writers, scholars, and graduate students are advice to consult these sources to avoid any error in their work. These sources are available in the reference libraries, stores, and online research centers. For more assistance, you can ask our team to provide you significant knowledge and details.


Guidelines for Paper Format

The MLA handbook provides a complete manual of guidance for the new writers and that we follow are as follows:

  • You should use a standard 8.5*11 inch paper for printing purposes
  • The document should be double spaced, regular and italics styles, and 12 pt font sizes is recommended by the experts
  • One space should be given after punctuation marks as per advised by your instructor
  • 1-inch margin should be set on both sides
  • The first line of the paragraphs should be indent, 1½ inch from the left margin
  • A header should be there having page numbers on the upper right hand corner½ inch from top with right margin. In some cases, instructors do not advice to place page numbers on the first page
  • The titles should be in italics that is a symbol of emphasis in longer write-ups
  • For endnotes if any, include them separately before the Work Cited page. Entitle the section notes as unformatted in centers


Guidelines for Formatting of the First Page of Your Paper

  • The MLA style does not include a title page as a compulsory content in your paper unless advised separately by your course instructor.
  • List your name, instructors’ name, course name, and date in the upper– left hand corner. All text double-spaced.
  • Do not underline italics or quotation marks on the tile. Place your title in Title Case and centered
  • You can use quotation marks to cite someone else’s work in your paper
  • You should place double space between the title and first line of the text

A header should be placed in upper right hand corner having writers’ last name, page number with Arabic numerals, and one - half inch from top


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