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Writing Services in Turabian Style

In Turabian citation style, no specific style is specified for title page. If you are required to generate a title page, follow the guiding principles given by your instructor. For a general format, confer with Kate Turabian’s Manual for Writers, 6th edition, which our writers also follow with accuracy.


It is recommended to use12-point Times New Roman font throughout the paper. It should be double-spaced, but single-space the footnotes and endnotes if any. You should leave a one-inch margin on all four sides of the document.


The title in the Turabian format appears in the center of the first page of text in cap locks. We recommend that it should be in 12-font size, not italicized, underlined, and bold.



The page numbers in this format is placed at the bottom center of the first page. On consequent pages, the page numbers should appear in the upper right-hand corner. Each page is assigned a number even though page numbers do not appear on the title page or other exhibit pages. The lowercase roman numerals are assigned to the table of contents page.


There is a prominent significance of footnotes and endnotes in Turabian style of writing. There are note numbers in the manuscript that has to be referenced. The analogous footnotes are usually placed in the bottom of the reference page. There should be proper indent of the notes. In order to create a relevant note, the writer should type the note number and the subsequent period in the same line as a separate note. This is an authentic method to be used for footnotes.


Your instructor in your paper can optionally require the endnotes. These originate at the wrapping up of the paper and serve the same purpose as footnotes. In-text citations will appear as superscript numerals, but the actual entries are found at the conclusion of the paper, proceed by full-sized numbers with periods indented first line.



Apart from the endnotes or footnotes, a bibliography is requisite. The bibliography is listed after endnotes and should list all sources that were taken at or consulted, whether or not they are directly referenced in the paper. Our writers are aware for the fact that the title should be centered and in all in cap locks but not underlined, bold, or italics.

Hanging Indent

The writer is advised to use only one line of hanging indent in their text by using½ inch indent from the margins after the initial line of the text in the Turabian style.


It is recommended to use single line spacing in Turabian style by giving double line spacing in between every entry of the text.


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