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What is Health Disparities?

According to Barr (2008), the concept of Health Disparities is greatly used in the United States for showing disparities in health to access the appropriate healthcare among races and ethnicities. According to Miller (2010), commonly health disparities refer to differences in the provision of basic health care on the basis of ethnicity and races. Other than that, it may also involve the gender, geographical and age based disparities. According to Kebede-Francis (2010), since health disparities can affect a large population in US it has become an integral aspect health research. Francis (2010) adds further human characteristics upon which health disparities are made such as gender, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, geography, sexual orientation, and disability or special health care needs. Order assignment writing service.

The differences in health indicators of various ethnic and racial groups in the U.S

Health indicator is considered as certain characteristics of people that are subject to measure the health aspects. The United States of America had largely been involved in health disparities on the basis of ethnicity and race. In the USA, there are differences in health indicators observed in the people from diverse ethnicity and race. The key indicators are observed as lack of accessibility to adequate healthcare facility, effectiveness and efficiency of health facility and the safety provision. According to Kebede-Francis (2010), in US health disparities exists in differences in the quality of care specifically on the basis of race.  To Miller (2010), race and ethnicity is the basic determinants in USA for quality of health care. In America individual from poor or backward ethnicity or racial group are considered more vulnerable to low life expectancy. 

Life Expectancy at Birth 

 Potential causes for these observed differences

According to Kebede-Francis (2010), the potential causes of health disparities between racial and ethnic group are due to following reasons: 

  • Individual from diverse personal, socioeconomic, and environmental characteristics formed different ethnic and racial groups and specific living styles such as living in poorer areas with high possibility of incidences and other harms have different health indicators. Currently students are hiring  online essay writer for better result in academics. According to Kebede-Francis (2010), injury related mortality (health indicator) exist more in poor and backward ethnicity groups than in others.
  • High illiteracy and joblessness rate is the most critical reason that makes the racial and ethnic group to face the health disparities and other problems in meeting the health care delivery system;

List possible ways to improve the health of under-served populations

In US, lack of accessibility to healthcare service is largely due to high cost of the healthcare service. Get  help with dissertation in cheap rates. The large population of America cannot access quality and effective healthcare due to expensive services. In this context, the following can be done:

  • To reduce the overall cost of healthcare system is the basic and utmost need to improve the health of under-served population

  • To increase the public awareness related to primary health care issues
  • To establish public health infrastructure to promote the basic health care
  • To improve the quality of healthcare services available and attempt to make it comprehensive in regard to accessible for everyone
  • To encourage the utilization of medical information systems improve the medical health system

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