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Integration of Employees in the Organization

The integration among employees and groups helps the organization management and employees to act coherently with the objective of organization and for this purpose, the ability and skills of employees are needed to be guided by the management (Herlihy& Maiden, 2006). In this way, the best form of creating integration among individual employees and groups is the coordination (Bragg, 2008). Coordination has been identified as significant tool for management within any organization that brings new strategy or directives to be relayed with management and employees. According to Bragg (2010), organizations can achieve the ultimate goal of organization by forming effective and efficient team performing under the guidance of managers. Therefore, coordination as form of integration within organization is taken into account to demonstrate the potential to make decisions that could better lead to individual employees and groups. 


According to Robertson and Cooper (2010), management makes the use of distinct strategic features that can help them in managing as well as motivating the employees while integration of employees and group can serve in efficient manners. Thereby, it is observed that organizations to improve the productivity of employees, integrate one team with another team in such way that a team with certain potentials and abilities serve the other team to achieve the organizational goal. In this context, the organizational management plays significantly important role by utilizing different approaches and creating sense of support amongst the employees. According to Gunnigle et al (1998), organizations are to face with number of challenges with the core of purpose of gaining the maximum benefits, and they cannot go through the challenges as long as the employees in the organization are provided with the support to perform well. Order essay writing service.

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