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Proofreading, Re-writing and Editing Services

To polish your written document from professional's eye is necessary for every author before publishing. As most people agree, there's a presumption that proofreading along  online rewriting & editing are more or less the same and anybody with a little clasp of English language can modify the document in 10 minutes, runs the ink down in 15 and present a totally reworked paper in about 30 minutes. Sorry fellows; it doesn't go like that. Let us take you individually to meet the three the same but different services.



Give us the pleasure to introduce you to proofreading:

  • This is where our team looks at the exterior for errors such as spelling, typos and blatant grammatical errors marking them for client's attention without necessarily changing.
  • Our rewriting& editing help enables the consumer to decide what to do next, whether apply changes or let it go aside.
  • This is the lowest of the services and document is returned in two digitalized forms, one with marking of errors and second ready for printing.
  • charges lowest possible per word for  online proofreading help and are very comfortably handling the deadlines.


After our  proofreading service, next in line for meeting is the editing, known as marking red pen.

  • This is the far more extensive service practice and consists of both correcting errors and rewording with creativity.
  • As a first part, we conduct a basic proofread on-screen and uses system to highlight the errors for client's understanding, then edit it accordingly and clearly illustrate the changes with reference.
  • Editing is an art within itself as what you expect to see, might not see as our editor has a clear understanding of where changes are utmost necessary.
  • Understandably, editing charges more than proofread as it takes detailed and timely aspects and thus include proofing as well.



  • This is noticeably the most time-consuming part of the editor's job that involves re-phrasing, sentences, paragraphs to get the better flow of more lucidity, logical, appropriate vocabulary or if necessary adding more sugar to the recipe for making a delicious piece.
  • It's a tricky business as we cannot generate our own ideas and have to move forward as per the theme with great moderation.

At, we offer these services as we have a team of  qualified writers and editors who have years of experience in their resume and they are always more than happy to assist you as you have written the word you are after. Contact us for a handful of proofreading, rewriting&  editing services.