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PhD Level Writing

Writing a  PhD level paper is not a piece of cake that can be swallowed easily. It requires well-qualified and efficient professionals who have their concepts clear about the discipline they are writing, as it is a very confusing and intimidating task. The major hurdles in this work according to our professionals are the understanding with the scholarly writings and words along with quality of the work in order to make work different from that of the graduate level. It should be better and more informative then the graduate and  Masters level writing. Our skilled professionals are well versed in giving high quality writing. Other than that, we at  Assignment Writer have distributed specific guidelines into some meaningful elements that are stated below in detail. If you accomplish in applying these scholarly rules then undoubtedly you will become master in writing PhD level paper.


Word Choice

For writing the  PhD level work, our professionals select words first, the words they are going to use for addressing content. They also consider selection process dependent on audience, whether it is formal and informal. If the audience is formal, we prefer to say only what is needed and use simple and concise language. Using simple language does not mean to use casual language, as it should be avoided in  academic writing. Along with that, our professionals also undergo the fulfillment of below given important points:

  • Exclusion of contractions, metaphors or figures of speech, cliché phrases or slang expressions, as well as adjectives and qualifiers
  • No usage of the personal pronouns such as you, we, us and our and‘I’, unless you are writing a reflective paper
  • Try to use short sentences and avoid using big words for making sure it sounds scholarly
  • Avoid using gender identifiers in front of nouns such as (male engineer, female architect) to reduce biasness in content 


We consider that it is important that paper does not contain an unbiased tone along with appearing scholarly and supported by evidences. The arguments that are given are presented in a non-combative manner. For this purpose, you should:

  • Eliminate the use of broad generalizations
  • Eliminate the use of over-sweeping adjectives
  • Eliminate the use of adverbs
  • Eliminate the use of qualifiers
  • Eliminate the use of emotional language
  • Eliminate the use of inflammatory language


Use of Evidence

Evidences are considered as important part at  PhD level by our professionals with complete in-text citations and final referencing to support the arguments made in the paper.  Therefore, we;

  • Exclude block quotes and too much direct quotes in your paper
  • Avoid beginning or ending a paragraph with a direct quotes
  • Paraphrase the most of the direct quotes and keep their rate below 10% because paraphrasing reveals your critical association with the content and supports your academic argument
  • These evidences should be from revised journals, books, and scholarly websites by the associates